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financial plan feature 1 - Personal Complete Personal Financial Planning Process
Comprehensive Mutual Fund Analysis
financial plan feature 2 - Know what Financial Planners do.
Green, Yellow & Red star Rating methodology
financial plan feature 3 - yadnya provides 15+ Calculators & 20+ Templates for understanding.
Review of 90+ Equity Schemes and 20+ Index Funds and ETFs
financial plan feature 4 - Simplified with many Examples & case studies
Explained with multiple tables & graphs
financial plan feature 5 - 500+ pages of India specific information on ‘how to create Financial plan’
Reviews updated every month
financial plan feature 6 - Weekly information updates + new articles
Excellent search engine

All aspects of Financial Planning

All aspects of Financial Planning - planning about Insurance Planning, Risk Planning, Tax Planning, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, budget Planning, Estimate planning, Goal planning. This image telling us the details of how to plan an dwhat will be benefits of the financial planning.

Content Index

  • Mutual Fund Introduction
  • Mid-Caps Review
  • Mutual Fund Terms
  • Small Caps Review
  • Mutual Fund Review Methodology
  • ELSS Review
  • Large Caps Review
  • Value Funds Review
  • Large & Mid-Caps Review
  • Focused Funds Review
  • Multi-Caps Review
  • ETFs and Index Funds Review
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Unique & Transparent Mutual Fund Review Methodology
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Videos for easy understanding

All Mutual Fund Terms
Explained with Infographics & Examples

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